Just a reminder. Look Back In Love, + tag…

Just a reminder. Look Back In Love, + tag line, are ‘working titles’. This title has a lot of meaning to me and the guys I played with, and maybe certain close fans. It was the title of the band’s most promising single. And clearly I look back with love at these experiences and the people I played and the wonderful people I met. And there’s more personal reasons as well, but I’m having doubts about whether it’s the best title for the published work. I’ve already scratched about fifty possibilities into my journal, and when I come up with the finalists, I’m probably going to ask for some help in the final choice.

Trying to come up with a single word, or at best two word, main title. If it’s three, it’s got to be spectacular. It has to attract the right kind of attention from a browsing reader who’s looking for a good read, no matter what the topic, but not be misleading. Feel free to chime in with suggestions if you want to.

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