Look Back In Love Music Video

So after seeing all of the videos I posted a week or so ago, I thought: why can’t I do a video track to our music, too. I’ve had to do a few videos in the last several months for work projects and I never had time to learn anything more than the basics of the video editing software I use so I thought I could work on some chops and try to put something together for Look Back In Love. Also, we’ve never had a video since all of the footage that was shot for it in Honolulu was never paid for by Attarack/Heller so we never even got to see it, let alone own a copy. 🙁 So this is something at least.

Anyway, I’m posting it here and linking it to the front page on our website. Hope everyone enjoys it. It’s kind of an open letter to all of us from that band. No matter what, in the end I love all my band brothers, including everyone those that I’m not in regular contact with.

There’s some interesting things to look for in here. First of all the covered bridge is from a trip Laurie and I took to Brown County a few years ago when we were back in Indiana. Later there is footage from the old TV series Las Vegas. You’ll notice Josh Duhamel and Molly Simms riding in a convertible down the LV Strip in the sixties. But if you look closely at the top left of the video, you should see the Pussycat a go go sign and then just before the clip closes, the Colonial House. That’s why the clip is in there. It was from an episode where the characters go back in time to the sixites when the mob ran Vegas. Ahh the good old days. I guess only the people who were actually there know what it was like, though a lot of the people we knew thought the real Vegas was in the fifties! Ask Eddie Pru.

The little black and white cutouts of the band were cropped out of advertisements that use to run daily in the LV newspaper. It featured each one of us every day of the week for months. We were never sure whether it was really cool or whether we should be really embarrassed. There was a dearth of information to work with. Since the record really got released and started its climb up the Billboard charts while we were in Hawaii I wish I’d had some pics of the Lemon Tree or of Hawaii then but I got nothing. Also there is almost no mention of the Pussycat a go go, which got so many rock bands started in Las Vegas. I found a napkin and a gambling chip and I added my Sheriff’s card. Don’t know what its like now but you couldn’t work in Vegas without going down to the Sheriff of Las Vegas’ office and registering your fingerprint there. I found some old footage of the Flamingo when the skyroom was there and some old postcards that I photoshopped a bunch of them and used them in quick cuts. No I couldn’t find any with us on the marquee at any of the gigs. It was fun to make this and I want to do another one now. I used some robbed clapping video footage. Hope the Internet police or NBC don’t get me.

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