Tonight: The War in Vietnam – The Sixties

DON”T MISS IT. Tonight The Sixties on CNN, 9 pm (EST), 6 pm (PDT), plus there are usually several re-runs. Covers the war from its beginnings through 1968. The face of war changed forever with this escalation.  Combined with the pictures that brought the brutality of the war to the home front, a new sense of power and disenfranchisement from the country’s youth, and the hangover from the loss of a young and popular president, the support for this war faded as the commitment to it by the government went up. Up until this war, as Bill Murray exhorts his army buddies it in Stripes, “We’re 10 and 1!”

For me, it was trying to find a way to stay with my band when the army was bound and determined to induct me. I had no political viewpoint in the beginning, and to the degree I did, I tended to trust the government implicitly then.  That all began to change when it started to impact my life and I had to figure things out.

My most personal experience was when Stark Naked and the Car Thieves performed for a couple of months at a nightclub in Honolulu in April of 1968, as the buildup of American forces followed the Tet Offensive during the height of the Vietnam War. 80% of the guys in the club were either on R&R coming from the war or going home. The emotional power of the songs we played to remind these warriors of home, girlfriends and wives, high school, families, and buddies, some of them lost by their side, came through to all of us there. As the messengers through our music we became instant friends, somehow passed into the intimacy of one solder to another, and it was all we could do to hold onto our own feelings sometimes. We heard many stories from the battlefield, reminisces from home and witnessed soldiers at the outer  limits of their ability to endure. But as humans do, they found humor and understanding and love in their experiences. While they thought we were enriching their lives, it was they who were enriching ours.

Over the last few years I have received a surprising number of messages from soldiers who saw us at the Lemon Tree on the beach in Waikiki. To a man they remember us for the music and how it helped connect them to the things most important to them. God love them all.

Here’s a little quiz about the 60s you might enjoy – What 60s personality are you?

Larry J Dunlap, Things We Lost in the Night, a memoir of love and rock n roll music


  1. Larry J Dunlap   •     Author

    You know, I put this quiz in this post about the “Sixties” CNN TV series back when it was on and never took the test itself. 14 questions about various preferences you have. Today Greta Boris​, for OC Writers dropped by and found this thing and took it. Like her, I find I’m a “Member of the Rat Pack.” How did they know? Well, we met 3 of them when we played at Caesars Palace, unfortunately not Frankie or Dino, and got pretty friendly with Sammy for a while. I hope Greta’s happy joining me in a martini at the bar at Nero’s Nook, if it still exists somewhere in that warren of corridors that exists between the resort and the mall. 🙂 We’ll toast these guys, but I think I’m more likely to be just what I was, the third lead singer, and pretend B3 player in Stark Naked and Stark Naked & the Car Thieves​ back in the day.

  2. Greta Boris   •  

    I took the quiz. I guess I’m a member of the rat pack 🙂

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