I played bass with Les and you guys

Fri 10/12/2007 10:26 AM

So Larry, I remember playing with you and the guys and Bob Snyder who has since died. I then played with Les Silvey. Then, a few years later I saw a picture of S/N playing at the Hollyoak. I called and asked for Stark Naked thinking it was Les and I think I got you. Never put it all together until I got there that night and recognized all of you.

Saw your website. Looks like you have been busy. Tried to download some of the mp3’s for my I-pod but it didn’t recognize them. I had taught Les the chords on Runaround Sue and Travlin Man.

Bill baker is dead and Ronnie Haig has a degenerative back problem but still making cd’s

Have a book you guys would probably get a kick out of. Written by Larry ? who was a drummer in a half dozen bands in the 60,s. Tells stories about the bands active then.

Tried to send Les e-mails a couple of times but no response. Hope he’s ok.

Don’t know if this will get to you. Hang in there.

Ed Spengeman
Indianapolis, IN