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A RIVETING, MYTHIC ROCK AND ROLL MEMOIR — Dunlap’s sense of transcendence at a moment of achieved excellence is similar to the sensation Keith Richards describes in his memoir, ‘Life,’—” …you leave the planet for a while… .” Reliving his rock and roll years memories in his wonderful memoir, NIGHT PEOPLE,’ Larry Dunlap, must have left the planet for a while, too.”  It’s a wonderful memoir. I loved it, and highly recommend it.           — Kiana Davenport, THE SPY LOVER, SHARK DIALOGUES, HOUSE OF MANY GODS

“Whether or not you remember the swift intoxicating music of that era or the seismic shift of mores that burst from the free-love movement, this memoir [Night People] captures the beat of that misty time when the country suffered “a growing thirst for individual freedom, a desire to escape from an ever-darkening shadow of war, and a national hangover following the public murder of a young and popular president.” –  Steph Rodriguez, MANHATTAN BOOK REVIEW/strong>

“Do you watch Dennis Leary’s new FX show ‘Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll’ about a crazy old time rock-in-roller? Well, Larry J. Dunlap lived it! His memoir [Night People] is a frank, funny, frenzied chronicle of the 60’s music scene.”     – Susan Shapiro, NEW YORK TIMES bestselling memoirist

Dunlap relates much of the story through conversations, and his California journey features a number of memorable characters. [Night People] … is an enjoyable hangout book, a chance to spend time with witty characters at that point in their lives when success feels so close, but the path to get there isn’t quite clear.”   – Jeff Fleischer, FOREWORD REVIEW MAGAZINE, Fall Issue 2015,Memoir ForeSight section 

NIGHT PEOPLE does a terrific job of charting the impetus for change, immersions in different … musical atmospheres, evolving relationships between musicians, …circumstances and drive that keeps Larry J. Dunlap on a fast-paced journey of discover. Readers looking for a great beach read …will find that Night People is a well-written memoir that deftly captures a sense of the late 1960s.”     – D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

Larry Dunlap’s memoir, NIGHT PEOPLE is one the best books of its kind I’ve ever read. I’d put it right on the shelf of rock memoirs for the ages next to Keith Richards’ ‘Life.’ – Marc Ballon, avowed rock and roll junkie, and previous journalist at LA TIMES MAGAZINE, and FORBES.

“Many moments in the author’s life are poignantly mingled with misery, happiness, music and sex. I found the book [Night People] interesting as it speaks about music, the band, recordings and many other things related with music. The challenges the author faces in his life and his love life and other casualties make this memoir a very exciting read.”        – Mamta Madhavan, READERS’ FAVORITE REVIEW

“A very entertaining and fabulous read. [Night People] provides an insight into the lives and workings of an up and coming rock band during the 60s. A very enjoyable read. I would recommend for more mature and sophisticated students.”     – Jane Elwel, NETGALLEY REVIEW

NIGHT PEOPLE is a wonderful book, I found myself forgetting that it was a biography. I never lost interest. Author Dunlap is such a beautiful writer. I found myself lost in the book, as if I was watching a really good movie. Bravo! I’m looking forward to reading your next book. 5 Stars”     – J.L. Clayton, guest review,

Customer reviews of Night People, Book 1 of Things We Lost in the Night as of 06-25-17


One of the best biographies written by a musician!
A Riveting, Mythic, Rock and Roll Memoir
Wonderful! Excellent Read!
Thoroughly Entertaining.
A Great Read
A Window Into a Fascinating Era
Rock and Roll, baby!
A Must Read
A Great Read About An Exciting Life
Music Has Found Me Again
SO Worth Reading!
My Life Seemed Extremely Boring After Finishing “Night People”
Lessons of Life, Love, and Sex in the 60s
Genuine, Exciting, Graphic and Memorable – life in the 60’s
Fantastic Coming of Age Memoir!
Great Look At An Era
Meant to be savored
Rock and roll band life
Brilliantly crafted
Passion for music
Car Thieves take me away!