A Memoir of Love and Music in the 60s

Larry J. Dunlap


(P June 15, 2015) Fifty years ago, a young singer in a vocal group in the Midwest finds himself unexpectedly thrust into the chaos of San Francisco’s historical musical and cultural revolution with his three vocalist friends. He leads the group’s struggle to form a band, then survive the rough east bay dive bars, though not without personal sacrifice, Larry loses the girl he’s loved since high school in a family power struggle that leaves his wife and sons behind. The band achieves success in a mob-operated nightclub at the pinnacle of San Francisco’s North Beach nightlife–at the point of a gun, and Larry meets a Chicana girl who will be his lover and companion over the next three years.

In Hollywood, the band finds celebrity managers, star-studded clubs, Sunset Boulevard recording sessions.  In Las Vegas, they open mega-casino, Caesars Palace’s new lounge–the first rock band to play a major hotel. As the band prepares for their first record release, crises abound as Larry is suddenly inducted into the army with a sure ticket to Vietnam, the band nearly starves when engagements fall through and agents let them down, and they grapple with finding the right mix of band members, but the original four vocalists from the Midwest find a way to stick together through the difficulties. Though the band’s success seems assured, Larry’s romantic relationship is ending, as their next record, Look Back in Love, is already picked to hit the top of the Billboard charts. When the band returns from their engagement in Hawaii, it seems certain that Stark Naked and the Car Thieves will soon take it’s place in the pantheon of nationally famous recording artists.





The four members of Stark Naked and the Car Thieves originally from the Midwest

Mac, Les, Larry, and Dave

(Coming late 2018) In a magical engagement in Hawaii, Larry finds that danger lurks beneath the exotic beauty of the island of Oahu. A near-death drowning experience and a dramatic night of love and romance immersed in island magic are burned into memory. He is compelled to confront sex traffickers, and he and his friends learn firsthand of the horrors of the Vietnam War he barely avoided. As the band seeks elusive fame in their recording career, success continues infamous Las Vegas resort hotels, and Larry’s chance at a forever-marriage with his Hawaiian wife blooms with the birth of their young son. With a chance to record the theme of a new major movie, it seems nothing can stop Stark Naked and the Car Thieves’ ascent to the top. But, when disaster strikes, it is sudden and catastrophic. He must try to save his dream marriage, his band — even his life and sanity —  before the music ends forever.

– Larry J. Dunlap


  1. CV   •  

    Any info on The Boogie Kings, a Louisiana based blue eyed soul band that played at Pussycat A Go Go in the 60’s?

    • Larry J Dunlap   •  

      Sorry CV, don’t recall the band. Do you have any more specific information about the band or the timing?

  2. shirley naso   •  

    Larry – I usually take books out of the library because I’m too broke to pay for them. I find the summations of your book(s) compelling. Do you know of a place where they could loan it to me and I would return it? My library tried going out of the county where I live (New Jersey) and they don’t have it. I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks.

    • Larry J Dunlap   •  

      Shirley, how about I make you a deal? I’ll send you an autographed copy of NIGHT PEOPLE, and you see if you can donate it to your library. I’ll include a copy of Foreword Review Magazine (distributed to nearly all libraries in the US) published last fall where Night People was featured in their Memoir section you can show them. This is an excerpt from their review:

      “Dunlap relates much of the story through conversations, and his California journey features a number of memorable characters. [Night People] … is an enjoyable hangout book, a chance to spend time with witty characters at that point in their lives when success feels so close, but the path to get there isn’t quite clear.” – Jeff Fleischer, Foreword Reviews Magazine, Fall Issue 2015, Memoir ForeSight section

      And I wouldn’t mind an Amazon review. 🙂 If you’d like to do this, send me a street address where I can mail Night People to you via [email protected].

      • Larry J Dunlap   •  

        Currently various libraries around Southern California that I am aware of are shelving NIGHT PEOPLE, especially in the Inland Empire and Orange County areas south and east of Los Angeles. There may be others since Night People was featured on both NetGalley and Foreword Review Magazine, places where libraries often look for books. If, like Shirley, your library doesn’t have NIGHT PEOPLE in their stacks yet, ask them to contact [email protected] or go to the website, where they will find help in getting copies. Thanks!

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