Night People, Book 1 - launch on June 15thFRIENDS AND FAMILY PRE-ORDER SALE FOR KINDLE BOOK – $2.99

It’s almost here! NIGHT PEOPLE, Book 1 – Things We Lost in the Night, A Memoir of Love and Music in the 60s with Stark Naked and the Car Thieves, goes public on June 15th. The print paperback will go allegedly go on sale at the same time, though we’ll see how accurate that is.

I’ve still got some free ARC books for anyone who would like to get one from me. Just let me know. I’ve got them ’til they’re gone.

In other news …

FOREWARD REVIEWS will feature NIGHT PEOPLE in it’s Fall catalog under the Biography/Memoir section along with 7 other books.We’ll also be mentioned in the AbFab section but the big news is being in the major part of the catalog. This catalog is racked at a majority of the Barnes & Nobles, something 11,00 libraries and several other places, plus the book will be shown at the American Library Association Exhibition in San Francisco later this month.

I’ve received 7 Goodreads reviews for NIGHT PEOPLE, and hope there will be more so we can open up on Amazon with a splash.


  1. panacam   •  

    Hi Larry,

    I’m looking forward to the paperback edition!

  2. Larry J Dunlap   •     Author

    ARCs are not produced to make money, they are promotional. They are not-quite-finished versions produced for early reviewers. After the 15th, the book goes on sale and are sold through Amazon.

  3. Larry J Dunlap   •     Author

    Hi Russ. ARC means an Advance Reader Copy, and they can be either. The eBook for either Kindle (a MOBI file) or epub (for every other kind of eReader) are available here on the site. Hard copy ARCs have to be mailed.

    • Russ Hook   •  

      Thanx Larry! the reason I asked is b/c the postage is more than 3 shekels, so how are you going to make anything on the book?

  4. Russ Hook   •  

    Hi Larry, is an ARC Book a hard copy or ebook?

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