Part Three final draft of TWLitN Complete

Things We Lost in the Night, coverThings We Lost in the Night, a memoir of love and music, Part Three of Five, final draft is finished, and available to beta readers. If you aren’t a beta reader and wanted to be, just let me know. Parts One and Two are available now. One slight caveat, I still have a couple of people helping me edit the Hawaiian English Pidgin in some of the chapters, so that will change as I get back edits from them. In the meantime – Aloha.


  1. Larry Dunlap   •     Author

    I should point out that since this post was made, the overall story has been divided into two books, one to be published in June and the other either late in the year or early 2016. Each cover 3 years of the six years I was with the band. The first book is called “Night People” and the second is “Enchanted”. You can see the new covers on the site’s front page.

  2. Larry Dunlap   •     Author

    Hi Jim. Well, we’re in the process of finishing the Early Reading Copies, the ARCs, right now. We should have them in the next few days. The first book is due to be published June 12, but we’re making these ARCs available to people who’d like to do a review for us. If you think you’d be interested in reviewing the book, just let me know if you’d like an ARC in eBook (and for which E-reader) or in print. If print, send an email to with “ARC BOOK REQUEST” in the subject line with a mailing address. Otherwise, we’ll be announcing on the site and supplying links on where to get the books in all media.

    Really nice to hear from you and the fantastic days at the Cat. There are so many interesting stories about the place, Hopefully, you’ll like revisiting that time. I certainly have. Best wishes!

  3. Jim   •  


    I’d very much like to read the parts of your book that are completed. How do I go about doing that?


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