Got my copy of In The Still Of The Nite

In The Still of the Nite released on Indianapolis-based Tigre Records in 1964 by The Reflections

I haven’t had a copy of this record since leaving Indianapolis for northern California in 1965. I found a copy on eBay and it is supposed to arrive either today or tomorrow. It’s good to be able to retrieve a few of the things you took for granted and let slip away when you’re young. I’m excited to own it again. Can’t wait to fire up a turntable and hear it. I’m going to take a better digital copy of this then the one that’s on the site.

I’m thinking about trying to do some kind of music video to this song if I can think of some interesting way to do it.


  1. LarryNaked   •  

    Got out my USB turntable and digitized the record. It came well-packed, in a nice sleeve, with a plastic sheet over the sleeve hole. Not sure the quality was all it was supposed to be. Tik tok, the B side, had some major scratches at the beginning. A side seems to be recorded really hot, hotter than I remember but it might be the signal was too hot on my side. We’ll see. If its better, I’ll change out the older version in the MUSIC page.

    • russ hook   •  

      Ha ha Use that naked car thief clip as a backdrop to “The Still of the Night” Larry L0L

      • NakedMe   •  

        Good idea. Actually, there’s a Reflections pic I’ve got that would be perfect for YouTube. Nice.

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