Cartoon showing Stark Naked and the Car Thieves opening at the Lemon Tree

The Lemon Tree – Honolulu HI 1968

Cartoon showing Stark Naked and the Car Thieves opening at the Lemon TreeI’ve been doing a lot of research for the Hawaiian chapters that’s now starting to pay off, even though I’ve finished writing these chapters. It mainly will help me go back to the chapters and enrich them.

I’ve had excellent help from a researcher named Alexis who has dug around at the state library for a lot of stuff, including this cool little cartoon that was in the April 1, 1968 Honolulu Advertiser, on the front page of the Perspective section, Hawaii’s Week In Review, Section D.

Another outcome is a chance to contact one of the surviving owners of the Lemon Tree who is also helping me add detail.

These nine weeks in Hawaii are among the most important in the book. An amazing number of highs and lows are compressed into this engagement.


  1. Tom Boyer   •  

    The most memorable time at the Lemom Tree with great music
    Thanks Larry for the memories..

  2. Pierce McCurry   •  

    In 1968 I was in the US NAVY aboard the USS Tanner AGS15 homeported at Pearl Harbor..enjoyed going to the Lemon Tree to listen to you guys while there on R&R.
    Thanks for the memories 52 years later.

  3. Jana Tyler   •  

    The best 3 weeks of 1968 were spent at the Lemon Tree listening to the “Orange Colored Sky!” at night and soaking up the hot Hawaiian sun during the day at Wikiki by the Hilton!

    • Nicholas Labash   •  

      Wow! I was in the US Navy aboard the USS Markab. We were in Hawaii for a week of R&R in 1968. I went to the Lemon Tree and really enjoyed the Orange Colored Sky. As I recall, they were more soft rock in the vein of Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, Left Banke, etc. Really enjoyed them but could not recall the name of the club. Great memories.

  4. russ hook   •  

    L0L Neato toon Stark! If you get a hold of the owners of the Lemon Tree, ask him how much I would owe him for 2 kegs of Primo Beer at 43 years interest??? L0L What a party that was! We had the room right next to that little back alley on the bottom floor. Lotsa weird shit goin’ on at all hours! Cheers!

    • Shirley Alapa   •  

      I’m the surviving owner. Aloha. Debt forgiven. Shirley

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